TradeCast starts strategic partnership with Improve Digital

2 years ago

TradeCast starts a strategic partnership with Improve Digital

We are proud to announce our partnership with Improve Digital on Programmatic Video Advertising. Improve Digital is an international advertising agency, delivering programmatic video advertising solutions. TradeCast implements the video advertising solution within it's platform.

Now every interactive TV channel will have direct access to the technology of Improve Digital, offering clients the opportunity to earn direct revenue, based on automated video advertising on their own TV channel.

Along with the current shift from traditional TV to cloud-based TV, marketers and advertisers are looking for new online video advertising opportunities. TradeCast and Improve Digital team up to respond to this need. 

Marrio Schepers, TradeCast  CCO"Our partnership with Improve Digital works seamlessly with our vision and plans for the future. We offer our viewers new ways to experience TV content, and offer our channel owners a unique way of video broadcasting. With our partnership, we realise a future proof revenue model for our clients, and personalised video advertising for their viewers.”

Improve Digital’s Key account manager Mark de Weerd talks about his high expectations: "The online video advertising market is constantly developing. With TradeCast, we are able to show the market a new way of online video advertising. Including automated video ads during live-broadcasts, and new advertisement solutions applicable for video-on-demand content. Furthermore, Improve Digital and TradeCast are both located in The Netherlands, with a strong focus on international growth."

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