TradeCast joins Constantijn van Oranje for Economic Mission to United States of America

21 months ago

TradeCast joins Constantijn van Oranje for Economic Mission to United States of America

TradeCast is proud to be part of the exclusive Economic Mission to the United States of America, led by StartupDelta special envoy Constantijn van Oranje and Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp. As part of a delegation of the most innovative and ambitious Dutch high-tech startups, TradeCast will travel to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and to Silicon Valley, tech capitol of the world.

From the 5th to the 8th of January 2017, Constantijn van Oranje, StartupDelta’s special envoy, will lead a delegation of 30 ambitious Dutch high-tech startups to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The participating startups will be sharing a Netherlands Startup Pavilion in Eureka Park, the prestigious flagship startup destination at CES. In California’s Silicon Valley, TradeCast will have the chance to connect with some of the leading tech companies and knowledge institutions in the world.

The goal of Minister Kamp and Constantijn van Oranje’s visit to Las Vegas and San Francisco is to strengthen the position of Dutch tech companies, startups and knowledge institutions in the United States.

Willem Drost, CES Project Director on behalf of StartupDelta, is enthusiastic about the involvement of TradeCast. “Our first presence at CES has to be a showcase of the absolute best of what Dutch innovation and startups has to offer. The Dutch startups that travel with us to Las Vegas are front runners in their respective areas. The Netherlands distinguishes itself with innovations in robotics and health, but also certainly in streaming media. TradeCast fits perfectly in our vision of The Netherlands as the hotspot for startups and innovation.”

Yillmaz Schoen, TradeCast’s CEO: “I’m immensely proud that - within our first year - we've been chosen to represent The Netherlands and the Zwolle region at CES in Las Vegas. This is the place where phenomenons as the DVD, the Blu-ray and the Nintendo Entertainment System debuted and where we’re now going to present the TradeCast platform to a worldwide audience. And I’m just as proud of the fantastic group of people with which we’re changing the media world. It’s really special to notice how serious the established market takes us as a startup and that’s fully due to the hard work of this team.”

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