TradeCast announces revolutionary licensing models

21 months ago

TradeCast announces revolutionary licensing models for starting and growing your own online TV channel

Traditional broadcasters and publishers at wit’s end can breathe a sigh of relief: Dutch startup TradeCast makes starting your own online TV channel as easy as pie. TradeCast announces three licensing models for it’s revolutionary cloud based TV channel platform, making it possible for truly everyone - from businesses of all shapes and sizes to sports clubs and entrepreneurs - to corner the online video and TV market.

Just a year after it’s inception, TradeCast shakes the foundation of the established media world. In a turbulent time, where traditional media are dealing with decreasing viewers and memberships and struggle with establishing an online video presence, TradeCast introduces the only end to end solution for easily managing, distributing and monetizing your own TV channel and broadcasting network. With a cloud based linear channel and countless on demand, VOD/OTT and live broadcasting possibilities, TradeCast offers absolutely everyone the opportunity to make an impact on the exponentially growing online video market.

TradeCast’s three licensing models, ‘Essential’, ‘Expansion’ and ‘Everything’, not only remove the threshold for starting your own interactive TV channel, but also let you grow your channel step-by-step. Starting at just €250 per month, the ‘Essential’ model offers a ton of TradeCast’s signature features, including a linear and on demand TV channel, a web and mobile version of your channel, full user data insight, e-commerce options and even automated trading, to smartly target audiences with advertisements.

‘Expansion’ (€1.000 per month) builds upon what ‘Essential’ has to offer and focusses on interactive engagement with viewers: native apps for Android and iOS, live streaming, user generated content and targeted push notifications. Finally, ‘Everything’ (starting at €2.500 per month) - as the name suggests - includes truly all features TradeCast has to offer and turns your TV channel into a broadcasting juggernaut: support for Apple TV, ChromeCast and Smart TV’s and countless customization options.

CEO Yillmaz Schoen: “The introduction of our licensing models is a tremendous step forward for TradeCast and perfectly in line with our ambition to add value to online video. We want everyone to make an impact with their own online TV channel. Until now, mostly big, traditional media corporations are trying - and visibly struggling - to monetize online video. TradeCast is here to technologically unburden everyone with online video ambitions. From creating an effective video marketing campaign to efficiently targeting untapped markets, TradeCast offers the only end-to-end solution for online video. A solution where you are always in control of your content, data and revenue. Forget long, complicated trajectories and plans. The only question is: when do you want to start broadcasting?”


Click here to download a pdf document further detailing the three licensing models.


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