TradeCast and Prince Constantijn of Holland announce Startup Holland TV

19 months ago

TradeCast, Prince Constantijn of Holland and Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp debut online TV channel ‘Startup Holland TV’ in Las Vegas

Prince Constantijn of Holland and TradeCast founder Yillmaz Schoen will launch the international online TV channel Startup Holland TV on January 5th in Las Vegas, in presence of Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp. Startup Holland TV is a unique online video platform fully dedicated to promoting Dutch startups on a worldwide scale. Startup Holland TV will be unveiled during a festive gala night at CES in Las Vegas, the world’s biggest technology show.

Startup Holland TV is an interactive online TV channel, dedicated to promoting the Dutch startup ecosystem. The TV channel will be viewable 24/7 as a web channel and apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV and Smart TV’s. The cloud linear timeline continuously shows the best new innovations from The Netherlands. Content is also available on demand and even live, with the primary purpose being the improvement of connections and cooperations between Dutch startups. Over the coming days TradeCast will announce several big, international collaborative partners for Startup Holland TV.

Prince Constantijn of Holland, special envoy of StartupDelta: “StartupDelta is proud to be the launching customer of TradeCast and to start broadcasting from Startup Holland TV from CES.”

Yillmaz Schoen, CEO and founder of TradeCast: “This international trade mission offers us as a startup many big opportunities. It’s truly fantastic that our technology will now also be used to promote all innovations in the Dutch startup ecosystem. We will make it possible and approachable for all hardworking Dutch startups - in every phase of their development - to present themselves to a worldwide audience. And that’s a great example of how our technology can be used effectively.”

By launching Startup Holland TV, TradeCast again shows that everyone can now easily start a online TV channel with TradeCast’s unique technology, developed in The Netherlands. Wether it’s brands, companies, universities, sports clubs, pop stars, political parties or dj’s: with TradeCast’s technology everyone is able to take control in the changing media world in a cost effective manner. 

TradeCast, as one of the chosen participants of the economic trade mission to Las Vegas and Silicon Valley, will make its international debut in January 2017 on the show floor of CES in Las Vegas. In the coming months, TradeCast will announce several big special interest channels and online TV channels, including channels for celebrities, sports clubs and international companies. The adventures of TradeCast and the other startups participating in the trade mission will be broadcasted on Startup Holland TV starting on January 5th 2017.

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