Meet Kenneth, our brand new storyteller at TradeCast

22 months ago

Meet Kenneth, our brand new storyteller at TradeCast

We’ve got a lot to tell you. Since the start of TradeCast, now almost a year ago, we have been quite busy. From the exciting products we’ve developed to the amazing people we’ve met in the process, we realized it all comes down to one thing: sharing exciting stories worth telling. And that’s where Kenneth comes in. 

We are happy to announce that Kenneth Stamp is now on board as our very own storyteller at TradeCast. As a storyteller, Kenneth is responsible for sharing the ongoing development of the TradeCast platform. Also, Kenneth will share stories about the rapidly changing worldwide media landscape and the unique ways TradeCast can help companies of all shapes and sizes profit from the new opportunities this provides.


Kenneth: “If there’s one industry that’s all about exciting innovation, it’s that of online video and digital media. TradeCast is a true disruptor, a pioneer in this rapidly changing landscape, and a perfect fit for a writer like me, who is always looking for the best, most inspiring stories to tell. I can’t wait to share the amazing news and stories that TradeCast has in store.” 


CEO Yillmaz Schoen: “It’s been an awesome ride since the introduction of TradeCast at the end of last year. In the meantime, we’ve developed a clear view of our unique market position and the amazing global opportunities in cloud based video and tv solutions we offer. The time has come to actively start sharing our story and mission and to inform future customers about the fundamental value and opportunities TradeCast has to offer their businesses. As TradeCast’s in-house storyteller, Kenneth plays an important role in that mission.”


Before joining TradeCast, Kenneth worked as a journalist and reporter in Zwolle and Amsterdam for newspapers de Stentor and De Telegraaf. Kenneth received a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Windesheim College Zwolle and - in case you haven’t noticed - is really into sharing stories. Welcome aboard! 

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