2 million for further growth of Dutch cloud television pioneers TradeCast.tv

14 months ago

2 million for further growth of Dutch cloud television pioneers TradeCast.tv

ZWOLLE/LAS VEGAS - Cloud television startup TradeCast.tv has raised more than 2 million euros in a new funding round. The Netherlands based company will use the investment for the continuous development and worldwide introduction of its cloud-based platform to start online TV channels. Before the end of this year TradeCast.tv will open its first office in the United States. In the last 18 months the cloud TV pioneers of TradeCast.tv raised over 3,2 million euros in seed investments.

TradeCast.tv offers the unique end-to-end solution for starting interactive TV channels online. Dozens of clients worldwide are already using TradeCast’s cloud-based platform to distribute their video content to the biggest target audiences possible. Since TradeCast.tv was founded in 2015, there has been worldwide recognition for its technology, that combines cloud-linear TV, on demand content publishing and live broadcasting from one personalized environment.

Interactivity can be easily added to all content on a TradeCast channel, controlled from a single source and broadcasted to an unlimited amount of screens and devices. One of the pillars of TradeCast’s success is its SaaS licensing model, that makes starting an online TV channel possible for nearly everyone. Start broadcasting at just 250 euros per month and go worldwide for less then the cost of an average FTE, a model that the traditional industry just can’t go up against.

Worldwide stage

At this moment TradeCast.tv is being presented to an international audience of over a hundred thousand broadcast professionals at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. The organization of the NAB Show has chosen TradeCast.tv as one of 25 high potential startups in the broadcast industry. Yillmaz Schoen, founder and CEO, from Las Vegas: “It’s very special to be able to announce from the NAB Show that we we will continue - in full swing - to make our ambitions come true over the coming months.”

“With this new investment we’ll expand our development and sales & marketing teams in The Netherlands. Also, we expect to open a second office in the San Francisco Bay Area before the end of this year. We have the ambition to deliver the best technology worldwide for anyone who sees opportunities in the online video market, an arena that is in the process of being fully reshaped over the coming years. Not only in terms of viewing behavior, but also in terms of infrastructure.”

Ownership of data

The current developments in viewing behavior put enormous pressure on traditional TV. Spreading content on social platforms increases marketing value, but won’t sustain a solid and healthy revenue stream. Creating real value is not defined by the number of views, it is all about getting control over your content distribution, viewer data and the harvesting of big data on your own video platform. TradeCast.tv offers an affordable solution for publishers, production companies, entrepreneurs, international broadcasters and brands to start a healthy business model in the new age of digital video.

About TradeCast.tv

TradeCast.tv is the only end-to-end solution on the market that lets you easily manage, distribute and monetize your own personalized interactive TV channel and video platform. TradeCast offers the unique combination of a cloud linear TV channel with countless VOD/OTT-, on demand, streaming and live broadcast capabilities. Users can easily increase interactivity with their target audience thanks to TradeCast’s many options for video interactivity and e-commerce, like in-video buying and user generated content. TradeCast.tv gives you full control of viewer data and finally enables you to create a strong revenue model with online video content.

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