You should rethink your videomarketing strategy

2 years ago

You should rethink your videomarketing strategy, and here is why

We see tons of video platforms and content on the internet. Social video platforms such as Youtube, Twitch and Facebook are growing fast, and the online video landscape is getting crowded and competitive. The problem is, those platforms are in control of your data.


Stay in control of your content, data and revenue models

Digital platforms such as Youtube and Twitch enable you to reach out to an audience. But it is hard to engage with them and keep them connected to your content or brand. 

We now see irrelevant bumpers and pre-rolls and recommended video’s next to your video, which are not really adding any value to your videomarketing strategy. On top of that, the video platforms are in control of your revenue model, and not you.

Because of this, we started developing a platform that enables you to start your own, cloud-based interactive TV channel. This complete end-to-end broadcast network solution is a new way to engage with your audience and it helps you to establish a solid online videomarketing strategy. 

This gives you full control over your content, target audience and business models, and enables you to bind, activate and engage with your audience.


Be distinctive and relevant to create a 100% target audience

It is easy to start creating content on mass-platforms in the hope to build up a large audience, the question is, what is the quality of your audience? Instead of being one of the many, you need to be distinctive and different than everyone else. 

The key is to start focussing on niche topics, markets and interest groups. You no longer need at least a couple of million viewers to have a profitable TV channel. 

Start your own niche TV channel and provide your branche, target group or fans-base with relevant content. This strategy helps you to build up a 100% relevant audience to your brand.


Target group participation is key

User-generated-content is hot, effective and engaging. Instead of producing all content by yourself, start utilizing your audience and let them contribute to your content.


'Mobile video is pushing the envelope'


Nowadays, it is easier than ever to produce high-quality content. Within your own cloud-based broadcasting environment, you are able to broadcast live-footage directly out of your own custom mobile apps. No heavy cameras and big satellites, your smart device is now able to broadcast (live) content to your own online TV channel. This enables your target audience to participate with their own mobile content.

Start creating unique interactive TV-formats with direct target group participation. Turn your audience into news-reporters or let them send in their own content for Q&A’s, reviews and other interactive programming. The possibilities are endless, and your viewers can not wait to contribute to your content. 

Your own online interactive TV channel enables you to stay in control of your data and helps you to build up a relevant audience. And by turning your viewers into participants, you are able to stay connected to them.

Interested in starting your own TV channel as well? Go to to learn more.

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