What is OTT?

2 years ago

What is OTT?  

And what makes TradeCast's OTT solution so disruptive. 

You might have heard of ‘OTT’ before. They say it sits at the center of the inevitable merge between the worlds of television and digital video, and it might be one of the most disruptive innovations in the broadcasting industry to date. But what exactly does OTT stand for, and why is it that important?


 The definition of OTT

OTT stands for over-the-top. OTT is a service of delivering video, film, TV and other media content over the internet. Instead of using the current television cable, all content is delivered via cloud technology. In other words: Internet-based TV. 

The over-the-top television market is dynamic, competitive and growing fast. A few examples of OTT TV platforms are Netflix, Hulu and TradeCast. The OTT market has radically changed the landscape of the TV industry. According to Adobe’s research, 42% of TV time is now dedicated to watching over-the-top TV services.


"Over 40% of TV time is now OTT"

- TBI Vision; Adobe Research


The rise of cloud technology has had its effect on many aspects of TV.  Nowadays you are able to broadcast whatever you want, with no cable infrastructure needed. IBM estimates that cloud-based software and video services have a market opportunity of $105 billion.


What is so disruptive about TradeCast's OTT solution?

OTT is disrupting the way we are used to watch TV. Because of the fact that over-the-top television is cloud-based, it offers great additional benefits for broadcasters and viewers. TradeCast's OTT solution makes it possible to start your own online, interactive TV channel.

First of all, every smart device that has acces to the internet, is now able to view your OTT TV channel. Smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, Smart TV’s and other smart devices. Next to that, you are able to add interactivity, e-commerce, user-generated-content, mobile live-streaming and more.

But the most disruptive part of our OTT solution, is its price-level. For most brands, publishers and even a lot of content creators, starting a traditional television channel is not achievable because of the high costs and the need for specialized expertise and equipment. The price level to start your own OTT TV channel is way more reasonable and is extremely competitive. Starting at €2499,- a month, anyone is now able to start their own TV channel.

Compared to the millions of euros and dollars that are currently spend in the traditional TV industry, TradeCast's OTT TV could be the most disruptive innovation in the broadcasting landscape to date.

And while you might not be a broadcaster or content creator (yet), over-the-top television is a great solution to increase your target group engagement and is an addition to any marketing mix.  The future of television is over-the-top,  just like The Washington Post noted last week: ‘The future of TV is arriving faster than anyone predicted’. And you can be a part of it.



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