Ready, Set, Go Live!

2 years ago

Introducing mobile live streaming to your own OTT Channel!

We are excited to announce our mobile live streaming solution to broadcast live content to your own, online, TV channel. 

TradeCast enables you to start your own online, interactive TV Channel (OTT), available on your mobile device, desktop computer, smart TV and other smart devices, any time, anywhere. This new feature helps you broadcast live content easily, without the use of expensive hardware solutions. We want to enable anyone to start their own TV channel, even if you do not have any expertise in broadcasting or video content production.


"We turn your viewers into participants"


Our goal is to help you engage with your viewers and turn them into participants. We have several ways how we realize this vision, and mobile live streaming is definitely one of them. 

Although live streaming is already a part of our OTT platform, this time, your mobile device is all you need. 


Ready, set, Go Live!

Our goal was to make this feature, easy, flexible, and user-friendly. Within your custom-made mobile application, we have added an option called ‘Live reporter’. You are able to broadcast as an On Demand video, or as your time-line takeover.

Your app will automatically test your network speed and will then start connecting to your own OTT Channel. Hit the record button, and you are ready to go! 


Within your channel admin you are able to select, organize and audit all incoming live content. You are fully in control of who is broadcasting and what live-content is displayed on the channel. This helps you safeguard the quality of your OTT channel.


Countless ways to increase your live engagement

There are countless ways to involve and activate viewers into your channel’s programming. Start utilizing your audience as live news-reporters or increase your event experience by allowing your fans to contribute to your broadcast.

Our mobile live streaming setup makes it possible to broadcast live interviews directly after a sportmatch and is an easy solution to broadcast your seminar to your audience wherever they are. All of this offers great chances to interact with your viewers and to involve them with your company or brand. 

This mobile streaming feature is an addition to our OTT platform and is available for anyone who starts their own online, interactive TV Channel.



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