Future of Television

2 years ago

The future of television

Cable television used to be a fairly stable and solid business. If you wanted to watch TV, you sat in front of the ‘box’ and watched what television networks said you could. 

It is clear this is not the case anymore. Viewing behavior of consumers and the essence of ‘TV’ in general is changing.

Shift in viewing behavior

The average family television used to be the center of the living room. Whoever held the remote was in control of what was showing on TV. Nowadays, every smart device in the house has access to the internet and is able to show any television program or movie you want.

Current statists show consumers are no longer watching cable TV as their main source for video consumption. 98% Of all people between 18 and 34 years old is watching online videos daily and 67% of all youngsters are using their smartphone for audiovisual content. A big part of this is caused by the ‘cloud computing’ innovation.

Disruptive cloud innovation

Cloud computing is defined as ‘storing and accessing data over the internet’, instead of the cable infrastructure or your computer’s hard drive. This innovation enables it to deliver video content and ‘TV channels’ without the use of the cable structure.

The rise of the ‘cloud’ has had its effect on many aspects and it might be one of the most disruptive innovations ever. You could say: ‘There is just no reason we need cable boxes anymore’. Nowadays you are able to broadcast whatever you want with no cable infrastructure needed. The truth is, apart from infrastructure, TV cable companies are providing little- if any- value. 

That doesn’t mean the current cable companies are dying. However, the cable business, as we come to know it, could be a concept of the past.

New business opportunities

But what do these changes mean for your business? For the average publisher, brand or company, cloud innovation offers great opportunities and new ways to broadcast and exploit their own video content.

Football clubs such as Pec Zwolle already have their own valuable online ‘TV channel’ that is essentially an addition to their online marketing mix. 

TradeCast’s turnkey interactive TV channels are fully web-based and deliver all technology straight from the cloud. This enables you to start your own (niche) TV channel, specific for your own target audience. This cloud solution is more cost-effective than the current television structure, you do not longer need a big audience of at least a million viewers to make a TV channel profitable. 

With real-time statistics and measurable results, your own TV channel will function as an interesting platform for tons of advertisers. You can start utilizing your target audience and make your own online TV channel profitable!



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