Engage fans with online video: go beyond the stadium

8 months ago

Engage sports fans with online video: go beyond the stadium

We live in a sports minded world, with a huge number of spectators worldwide. But the modern sports experience is all but confined to the stadium. For instance, more than half of all soccer fans follow their teams from their smartphones. Fans don’t just want to watch a match, they want to follow everything their favorite team does, wherever they are. With the immense popularity of online video, there are countless untapped video broadcasting possibilities for sports clubs. But how do you get started with cornering your  piece of this new market? How do you as a sports club smartly embrace online video as a new revenue model?

Today, sports fans actively embrace a lifestyle and engage with clubs that best cater to this lifestyle. Sports fans are also one on the most active user groups on mobile platforms. So a modern sports club with it’s eye on the future will use quality video content to tell engaging stories. “The passion that soccer fans display transcends from the stadium”, says Amanda Vandervort, Director of Social Media at Major League Soccer. “It starts with cheering in the stadium, scarfs and flags in hand, and then expands to even greater heights on social media, where they display the same enthusiasm and engagement for their team.”

“Modern soccer fans don’t just watch a match. They follow a lifestyle, using video devices to do so.”

Video: the future of soccer marketing

One of the most important things for establishing a solid content strategy is to look out for new social platforms on which fans are engaging on. And right now, video is that platform. Media companies worldwide that are producing video content are about to experience tremendous growth, however those who don't are in for a rough ride. So as a sports club, it’s not about Facebook or YouTube, it’s about mobile devices and how they have changed the way people consume media. Video is the future of soccer marketing. And companies who won’t adapt and start creating quality video content and generating new revenue, are really missing out.

In short, if you want to truly engage your fans outside of the stadium, you have to trigger them with video, on a platform of your own and where you are in control. Look at Facebook: its mobile growth is all about video. Same goes for Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. Everything growing is driven by video. The page views an online article gets are getting less and less important. It’s all about what percentage of your revenue is derived from video. If this isn’t on the foreground of your business, then you’re in big trouble.

Allright, so on one side you have soccer fans, eager to see everything their favorite team does. And on the other you have video content, the hottest thing in town. How do you bring the two together? How do you implement and monetize the concept ‘video’ into your club? Producing videos costs a lot, creating content is time consuming and cost-inefficient and advertisements annoy viewers, right? So how do you do it? Trust us, you’re not the only one struggling to figure this out. Companies worldwide are waiting for a sign to enter the online video market, filled with big business opportunities. But in the meantime they are also stumped by daily deadlines and a traditional company hierarchy.

The importance of being in control

As a sports club, you are in the unique position of catering to a target audience that’s extremely video and social focussed. Fans are active on all social video platforms and - best of all - interested in everything their favorite team does. From the trip to the stadium in the team bus to the after game interviews. And the players themselves are just as active on social media, constantly providing video content, photo’s and unique experiences that are ready to share and go viral.

But until now, an end to end way to present fans with a video platform to follow their team wherever they go hasn’t been available. And the same goes for a way to monetize that platform with targeted and relevant ads and the tools to harvest user data you fully control.

Sure, posting the occasional video on Facebook or YouTube might get your content out there, but this sporadic and wide spread publishing is a terrible business model. Yes, the videos you post on YouTube are published on your account, but in reality they’re not really yours. They’re YouTube’s. Your followers, their preferences and data? That data is YouTube’s. Who your followers are, what they like, what they want to see… you don’t really know. But YouTube does. Right now, you do not fully control the way to follow up interest in your video content. You cannot send each individual viewer on your channel a personal email. You are not in control. But what if there was a way you could truly own and monetize your content and your data? Because when you enter the digital video business, the only currency you should be concerned about is data.

All the tools you need

And that’s exactly why we founded TradeCast. We saw sports clubs, media companies, publishers and entrepreneurs  of all shapes and sizes struggling to get into the online video market, trying to create a sustainable business, only to discover that cost, time and the fear of exploring a new market made this impossible. Our platform hands publishers all the tools they could need to enter the online video market and start monetizing content and user data they themselves control. And best of all: it doesn’t matter what you’re already posting on video and social media websites. The platform is designed to increase the value of all of your content and data and perfectly blend in with your current social and marketing strategy. We’ll take care of the tech stuff, so you can focus on cornering the market with your quality content.

Producing content is not the issue

As important as offering quality content is, producing it doesn’t have to be a hassle. As a sports club, you can for instance start by hiring lean and mean content producers: young, creative talents who can film, present and edit their own material and have it ready for publication in hours. One employee with a smartphone, a tripod and basic presenting skills can provide you with a steady stream of relevant content. So circumvent your current company hierarchy and start investing in a low risk video creation team.

As for additional video content for your channel, our platform also enables you to publish live video content, such as a live feed from the team bus or an iPad stream of a training match. The platform even enables broadcasting of user generated content, sent in from mobile devices by your fans. You can offer video coaching sessions and let your fans send in live questions. And then there’s the enormous amount of public content you can use, such as the YouTube videos players post on the web. It really doesn't have to be so difficult.

Control your data and build a business

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to stop using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to get your content out there. As we said, those are great for building your brand. See your own online TV channel as a hub that’s always live, always broadcasting your message. Videos you create for your channel can be posted everywhere online. On the front page of your company’s website, in your news letter or on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Your channel works as a funnel, pulling in user data from around the web, and builds a user database that’s truly yours. With your own online video platform, you know exactly who your audience is and what they like. And that’s valuable information for you, but also for advertisers, who can now target specific users with ads that interest them in stead of annoy them.

So sports clubs, now is the time to act. Don’t wait any longer and make the right choice: take your first steps, together with TradeCast, and discover the true value of your own online tv channel. The best time to truly embrace video is right now. Contact us to learn more and get started today.

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