An open letter to PewDiePie

19 months ago

An open letter to PewDiePie: why start a new YouTube channel if you can truly get in control?

Some context: the world’s biggest YouTube star says he’s done with YouTube. PewDiePie, one of the most famous people in the world, has reached a following of 50 million subscribers on YouTube and has seen his net worth skyrocket to nearly 80 million dollars. According to Forbes, he’s the highest paid YouTube star.

But that’s not to say PewDiePie - and many other big YouTubers with him - hasn’t had his struggles on YouTube. He claims YouTube is destroying his channel by promoting ‘clickbait’ content and he’s saying his channel is 'dying' as a result of this.

So now, PewDiePie has plans to delete his channel and start fresh with one of the most important brands in online entertainment. A bold choice. But why stop there? Why should the biggest online star in the world - or anyone for that matter - only present it’s content on a platform that’s not his. Think about that for a second… Let’s talk, Felix.



Hi Felix,

First off, thanks for taking the time to read this letter. If that is in fact the case. Otherwise: you’re missing out. At TradeCast, we’ve been following your recent YouTube videos and recognize your frustrations with the way YouTube is handling your content, views and subscriptions on their platform.

And there we have the crux: it’s your content on someone else’s platform. Your decision to start fresh, with an entirely new YouTube channel, is a bold one. But why not go one step further and truly get in control of your content, data and revenue models? Hear us out:

TradeCast is an online platform that’s built to bring content creators in control of their most valuable commodity again. We see YouTube as a great place for mass communication and branding, but not for creating a great business model with your content. We’re not telling you to quit YouTube, but if you solely depend on YouTube, and they make a wrong or weird move, you and your audience suffer.

So that’s why we’ve developed a white-labelled platform what enables you to start your own online broadcasting network. TradeCast is the only end-to-end solution on the market that lets you easily manage, distribute and monetize your own personalized interactive TV channel. With personal apps on iOS, android, Smart TV, Apple TV, ChromeCast and more. So you’re able to start your own YouTube, Netflix and Twitch in one, but get to stay fully in control of your content, your data and your revenue.

In short it comes down to this: you decide the content, you decide the strategy and you decide the marketing and communication of your content. No more weird suggested videos in the side bar, no more disappearing subscribers, no more hassle and - best of all - you get to keep all of the data. And that is key. We believe that harvesting essential viewer data adds real value to your own online TV channel. That’s why we designed TradeCast to give you full insight in viewer behavior and make it the best platform for distributing your content.

The online video landscape is a continually changing war zone where everyone out there is looking for new ways to survive. But don’t worry, TradeCast is here to help.

Felix, good luck out there. And if you’re interested in truly getting in control again, hit us up for a chat and some stroopwafels.




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