5 reasons why your brand needs an OTT channel

2 years ago

5 Reasons why your Brand needs an OTT Channel

Online video is going over-the-top (OTT). If you have not heard of OTT, you will soon.

OTT is defined as video content delivered via internet, straight to the consumer. The main disruptive aspect of OTT is that cable television will no longer be the only gateway to consumers’ television screens.

While over-the-top television is still in its early stages, the OTT market is growing fast with a variety of online services and apps. From main platforms such as Hulu and Netflix, to specific niche platforms focussing on specific (interest) audiences. And if you think that over-the-top television is only feasible for the big guys, think again. Here are 5 reasons why your brand needs an OTT Channel:


1. Your brand needs innovative branding solutions

Although, OTT branding is still in its early stages, we can already see interesting initiatives and practices emerge.  A great example is PEC Zwolle TV. What started as individual online videos on a Youtube channel, has developed as a stand-alone online TV channel for fans and stakeholders.

Instead of reaching your audience using mass-communication platforms such as Youtube or Twitch, OTT helps you to engage with - and bind your target audience. The landscape of inbound marketing in changing, and social media platforms are no longer the most effective inbound marketing tool to unite and bind your target group. There is a reason why Red Bull and PEC Zwolle started their own OTT channel. Now they are engaging, activating and uniting their consumers and fans.

Because of the fact that OTT branding is still in its infancy, you can be the first in your market to reach and unite your target audience with your own channel. Enhance your brand engagement to stand out among competitors in your market.


2. OTT is brand exposure on an ongoing process

Most traditional advertising is a one-time exposure of a brand message to a target group. The key is to focus on branding solutions that allow brands to communicate to their audience on an ongoing process. OTT branding is an effective way to accomplish this. 

Once connected, you are able to engage with your audience on a regular basis, you could for example utilize push-notifications to serve them video content they are interested in. You know who they are, what they are watching and what they are interested in. That is a big advantage compared to your traditional Youtube channel seeing as you do not exactly know who the 50.000 viewers are that watched your branding video on Youtube last month. 


3. Engage with 100% target audience any time, everywhere

Target group oriented content is key.  Always consider the target audience you are trying to engage and if the content is relevant to them. If you do, you will reach and engage with the relevant audience. 

If your content is 100% target group oriented, your audience will be 100% target group as well. With applications on smartphones, tablets, desktop and smart TV’s, you are able to fully control and engage with your target audience, wherever you or your viewers are. 


4. Create new online business models

OTT is disrupting the traditional publishing and television market. Publishers are losing market share and are in need of structural online revenue. While offline newspapers and magazines might not be dead (yet), it is no longer generating revenue like it used to. 

Content marketing is more and more dominated by online video. And while the shift from text to video might seem like a big step for your organization, there are several ways to produce effective video content, with little effort. 

Along with your new OTT Channel, you are able to start new and effective business models, like branded content, e-commerce solutions, programmatic video and more. Your measurable results are ‘bait’ for advertisers and sponsors. 


5. The future of content marketing is video

Video is quickly becoming a key tool for consumers to satisfy their entertainment and information needs. 

As a brand, it is essential to offer content that is easy to digest. We are currently living in an age of information overload. If you do not offer ‘snack-able’ content, your audience will simply move on. Video does this very well, it is effective and engaging. 


While you might not think about your own over-the-top branding channel yet, it will - in all likelihood - be the new standard for target group engagement. And the best thing is, you do not have to build and develop it yourself, you can start your own Interactive OTT Channel today.


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