PEC Zwolle TV streams live football match

2 years ago

First live football match attracts more than 2.500 live viewers

About Pec Zwolle TV

PEC Zwolle is a professional football club out of Zwolle, the Netherlands. PEC Zwolle plays in the highest Dutch division (Eredivisie). PEC Zwolle TV keeps fans up-to-date about news, highlights, match-reports, players and more about their favorite football club. PEC Zwolle TV daily attracts thousands of fans to their channel.

Training camp Marbella

During the training-camp in Marbella, Spain, PEC Zwolle played a friendly match against their Eredivisie competitor N.E.C. Nijmegen. To provide the fans with their dose of football during the winter break, PEC Zwolle decided to set up a live-stream and broadcast the game on the channel.

Live-streaming Case

PEC Zwolle TV broadcast a live-stream in association with TradeCast to offer the fans the ability to watch the friendly game. A connection was established from the sports-centre in Marbella and the content was shot live and forwarded to the channel. A reporter from a local station supplied live-comments to add an extra dimension to the stream.

An effective arrangement was set up with a single cameraman and a reporter to capture and comment the game. Thanks to TradeCast’s live-stream technique PEC Zwolle TV was able to report a live game for the fans at home with little effort.

The game was viewed by 2.500 loyal fans, whereas the majority of the fans watched the game on their mobile device (90%). PEC Zwolle and TradeCast look back on a successful live-stream.

Note: Despite the support of the fans at home, PEC Zwolle lost 3-1 against N.E.C.



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