Introducing the new KWPN TV

17 months ago

Meet the new KWPN TV: interactive online TV channel for horse enthousiasts worldwide

Horse riding and equestrian aficionados can now follow their favorite horses wherever they go, thanks to the new online TV channel KWPN TV. The platform allows KWPN members to follow live events and informative formats from their computer, tablet or phone, wherever they are.

From Amsterdam to China, the new interactive app KWPN TV (or allows horse breeders, riders and lovers around the world to easily follow their favorite KWPN horses. By adopting the innovative TradeCast platform, KWPN fully embraces the succes and popularity of interactive online video. By cooperating with the dedicated production team of IQ-Content, the TV channel is updated weekly with new, exciting content.

KWPN TV was launched during the KWPN Stallion Show, the biggest stallion event in the world, in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. With more than 300.000 views and nearly 60.000 unique visitors from over 40 different countries, KWPN TV can already be called a succes that exceeds expectations. These numbers are a great addition to the 25.000 visitors that the event in the Brabanthallen attracted.

Emiel Nijhoff, acting director of KWPN, is beyond excited about the platform: “We’re very proud of the huge amount of horse enthousiasts we’ve been able to reach with KWPN TV. Wherever these viewers were, for four days in a row they were involved and enthralled live and that’s revolutionary. We’re still seeing lot’s of viewers coming back to our platform to watch on demand content. It’s special to be a pioneer in the online video landscape and I expect more associations, organizations and companies to follow our lead. With your own online TV channel you not only create an interactive platform, available on all screens, but you also increase the involvement of your followers and supporters. Wherever they are.”

Corine Bruinier, managing director of IQ-Content and lover of the equestrian sports, sees high potential in the TV channel: “Thanks to KWPN TV there’s finally a platform where horse enthusiasts can view and interact with content they love, something that traditional television never really provided. For advertisers, the online platform offers countless new ways to reach their very specific target audience. And with our team of multi-talented video creators from IQ-Content, we can create new, interesting formats in a smart way, so costs remain low and output as high as possible.”

Yillmaz Schoen, founder and CEO of TradeCast, the company that delivered the technical infrastructure for KWPN TV: “It’s wonderful to see that this specific target audience has fully embraced this new TV channel experience. The fact remains that the digital shift not only reaches the younger audiences, but that the changes are wide spread. It’s our mission to deliver the best technology imaginable with which our customers can create a strong and direct connection with their audiences. The succes of KWPN TV in its first week is something I’m very proud of and also directly shows the added value of our platform. Our innovative technology, in combination with smartly produced content, is the key to succes for strong online video strategies. We’re beyond proud that we’re able to help KWPN pioneer in their branche.”

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