Glamour and TradeCast launch Glamour Beauty TV

20 months ago

Fashion magazine Glamour and TradeCast launch ‘Glamour Beauty TV’

Attention, beauty lovers! Glamour, Holland’s leading beauty and fashion magazine, launches the very first interactive, online beauty TV channel. The app and website Glamour Beauty TV presents viewers with daily original, entertaining and informative video series about everything beauty related. Watchable when and where you want and filled with interactivity. Glamour Beauty TV is based on the TradeCast platform, which provides Glamour with countless new and interactive video formats.

From tutorials for the perfect smoky eye to exclusive interviews with trendsetters: Glamour Beauty TV presents beauty and fashion lovers with the daily one-stop destination for the best and most original online beauty series. On the app for iOS and Android and at you’ll find smart, hilarious and always informative video series about beauty in the broadest sense of the word. The shows are created by the experts of Glamour, together with Holland’s leading beauty authorities such as L’Oreal and Douglas.


A season on Glamour Beauty TV is six weeks long and offers daily programming. Just like a ‘traditional’ TV channel, but with countless new, interactive features. For example, viewers can send in beauty questions from their smartphones and have them answered live. And with a simple touch of the screen, you can also get more information about the products used in the video you’re watching and even instantly buy them online.

Sanne Groot Koerkamp, Glamour’s editor in chief: “There are countless online beauty videos out there, but we’ve found there is a lack of professional, well developed content available. For Glamour Beauty TV, we provide all of the beauty expertise we’ve gathered worldwide over dozens of years. We want our knowledge to inspire viewers to be an even more beautiful version of themselves.”


“Another important reason we’ve launched our own online TV channel, is data mining. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have a huge say in how viewer data is used and presented, but with Glamour Beauty TV, we can create video content for our own video platform. That way we have full insight in ratings and complete control over our data. I’m especially proud of the innovative features of the app: we’re the first brand in Holland that experiments with shoppable video content and user generated video content. And last but not least I’m really enthusiastic about cooperating with our launch partner L’Oreal and our retail partner Douglas.”

Yillmaz Schoen, TradeCast’s founder and CEO: “Our platform is the only end-to-end video solution for publishers, brands and magazines and we’re very proud of the Glamour Beauty TV. TradeCast takes full care of all the technical aspects of the platform, so Glamour can focus on what truly matters: producing quality video content that, thanks to the TradeCast platform, is fully focussed on viewer interaction.”


Glamour Beauty TV is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and at

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