Soccer club FC Groningen and TradeCast introduce FC Groningen TV

19 months ago

Soccer club FC Groningen and TradeCast introduce FC Groningen TV

Fans and supporters of the Dutch soccer club FC Groningen can now follow their favorite club wherever they go with the launch of the new online TV channel FC Groningen TV. The app and website FC Groningen TV offer fans daily exclusive video content, documentaries and unique behind the scenes material of their favorite soccer club. FC Groningen TV is based on the TradeCast platform.

FC Groningen TV shows video content that’s available nowhere else: exclusive historic footage of the club, match previews, summaries and press conferences. Thanks to the TradeCast platform, FC Groningen can enrich their content with tons of interactivity: viewers can send in video reactions with their smartphone or tablet and participate in video series such as ‘Ask the Trainer’ or ‘My Man of the Match’. All videos can easily be shared online and on social media.

Robbert Klaver, FC Groningen commercial director: “Our own online TV channel offers us tons of new opportunities to connect with our supporters. We’re giving our supporters the chance to view behind the curtains of their favorite club. Whether it’s the matches, the youth academy or sponsoring: everything on FC Groningen TV is exclusive to the channel.”

“It’s really special to be one of the first professional soccer clubs with its own online TV channel and it would be great to see other clubs following our example. Your own online TV channel really increases your engagement with your supporters. It’s great to have FC Groningen TV is now available wherever you are, thanks to the app for smartphones and tablets.”

Yillmaz Schoen, TradeCast founder and CEO: “I’m very proud that FC Groningen and TradeCast are launching this channel together, for all fans and supporters. We’re connecting the fans with the club on all the moments they’re not already in the football stadium. TradeCast focusses fully on the technical side of the platform, so FC Groningen can put all attention to creating quality video content. And thanks to the TradeCast platform, all that content is fully dedicated to interaction with their fans. Wherever they are. And FC Groningen can benefit from all the new revenue models their online TV channel makes possible.”

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