Learn to use the TradeCast platform with step by step how to videos

20 months ago

Learn to use the TradeCast platform with step by step how to videos

Quick, easy and fun. With TradeCast, managing your own online, interactive video platform has never been easier. And to show you just how simple it is, we’ve made a couple of short how to videos to help you get started. From managing your timeline to live broadcasting: our eight brand new explainer videos teach you everything you need to know about the TradeCast platform. Let’s get streaming!

The how to videos take you by the hand and teach you - step by step - how to manage your own online video platform. We start at the beginning, with an overview of the TradeCast platform and a short masterclass in uploading and managing your content. Then, we move on to things like managing your timeline and on demand videos, adding user submitted media and posting articles on your platform’s website.

From basic platform functions to specialized features such as adding e-learning modules: the how to videos cover everything you need to know about running your own online TV channel. So after you’ve watched all our how to videos, you’ll undoubtably notice getting around the TradeCast dashboard will go smoothly and easily.

You can find the first video of the series here. Check out the rest of the videons in the on demand section.

More questions? You can always hit us up at support@tradecast.us.com.

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