What is TradeCast?

2 years ago

What is TradeCast?

Your own TV channel is a unique communication tool that forms a perfect addition to any online strategy. In addition, starting your own TV channel creates new business opportunities and may even lead to cost reduction.

Traditional television offers no room for countless niche topics, markets or target groups, in particular because of the high costs, specialized expertise and equipment in both broadcasting and content production. Additionally, the current publishing industry dying. Our mission is to fill this gap.


Fully interactive

Besides managing your own TV channel, you can even add unique interactive functionality to your video content, thanks to TradeCast’s web environment. By just one simple click, users can open up the interactive menu with more information, locations and book & buy options. Viewers can even buy products immediately after seeing them on the channel. And all of this in your own personalized branding.


Turn viewers into participants

TradeCast not only provides the infrastructure and technology to start your own professional TV channel, it also offers unique features to turn viewers into participants. There are countless ways to involve and activate viewers into a channel’s programming. By the custom-made mobile application, viewers are able to submit their own video content or to react live during the broadcast. All of this offers great chances to interact with your viewers and to involve them with your company or brand.


Measurable results

Just like successful platforms as Netflix, TradeCast offers its clients the possibility to fully utilize user-data, discover and even predict trends. The TradeCast platform offers extensive, real-time statistics. Ideal for making deals and promises with advertisers or creating even more optimized content.



The TradeCast channels can be viewed trough a (mobile) web-browser and are available as fully personalized mobile applications and Smart TV’s apps. With applications supporting almost all platforms, you are able to fully control and broadcast your TV-channel, wherever you or your viewers are. 


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