TradeCast: the value of your own online TV channel

2 years ago

'Starting your own TV channel' is now available for anyone

As a publisher, brand or company, have you ever dreamed about 'starting your own TV channel'? 

Gap between TV and online video

We discovered a gap between TV and online video. The internet is full of independent videos, on demand solutions and is lacking the TV experience. 

Traditional television offers no room for countless niche markets, topics or target groups, in particular because of the specialised expertise, high costs, and equipment in both broadcasting and content production. Additionally, the current publishing industry is dying. 

We found the solution

Existing online TV 'solutions' are technically unrealistic and pricy: 'expensive hardware solutions', 'random video website clones' or 'much expertise needed'. We found the solution.

We deliver all our technology straight from our cloud. No more four-story buildings, packed with all kinds of expensive equipment and staff. TradeCast' user-friendly, web-based channel management system makes it easy to exploit and manage your own TV channel on the internet.

Apps are the future of television

The future of TV is apps. There are more companies with that vision, but TradeCast is the only one that has fully realized that vision with a solution that is available right now and in a way that video content can be exploited easy and affordable.

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