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2 years ago

Smart content production

We developed a whole new smart content production model to help you work efficiently. Utilize user-generated content, lean and mean content production teams, live-streaming and public content available on the web.


Turn viewers into participants

Your viewers can't wait to contribute to your channel. There are countless ways to involve viewers into your channel’s programming. Viewers are able to submit their own video content or to react live during the broadcast by the mobile application of your channel. 

All of this offers great chances to interact with your viewers and to involve them with your company or brand.


Smart content production

Our lean and mean content production teams can help you with the production of your video content. These multi-talented camera men, sound engineers and editors are more cost-effective than the traditional expensive ones. 


Use public content

Make use of public content available on the web. There is tons of it out there, available on Youtube and Vimeo. By adding credit to the creator, your are able to broadcast public content into your programming. 

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